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Stories - 25.08.2022


The new season begins with a postcard from Gibellina, reconstructed at the end of the Sixties and the symbol of new beginnings and of intrinsically Sicilian artistic experimentation.

From this land of endless possibilities comes an innovative project that is deeply rooted in the past. Celebrating it, disclosing its most human folds. Owning it and wearing it, to unveil unexplored horizons.

Building a new wardrobe with a sense of optimism. Like an artist who shapes the world in their own terms.
Winter Picks
Reflective surfaces and bright details to evoke end-of-summer feelings. Paired with refined garments, conceived to be worn and cherished, and last through time.
Past and present harmonize and complement each other. The renewing power of change lies in the evolution of a story that started long ago.