Dell'Oglio Palermo 1890
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The Gentleman according to Mario Dell'Oglio
Vito, a man of classic elegance who does not renounce a touch of irony: the soft Texan denim shirt matches perfectly with the ever-present red socks!
Mario Dell'Oglio
We dress women and men by cultivating their ambitions, making them unique, and enhancing and creating their personal style.
The Story

Dell'Oglio is a family story, mine. Of a city, Palermo.

I like to believe that entering into a Dell'Oglio boutique recreates the experience of having a conversation with Mr. Dell'Oglio, with the tradition of exclusive care and the most up-to-date expertise. Since the first boutique opened in 1890, the Dell'Oglio brand today has evolved through a contemporary offering of updated classic items and continues to be the benchmark of Palermo elegance.
In 1890 Santi Dell'Oglio, my great-grandfather, opened the first store, a luxury goods emporium at the Telegraph department store.
We aim to bring about an experience, creating emotions that will continue in the life of the objects the customer brings with them.
Via Ruggero Settimo, 26/b - 90141, Palermo
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D'O Uomo
Via della Libertà, 41 - 90139 Palermo
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D'O Donna
Piazza Castelnuovo, 41 - 90141, Palermo
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